Today in Language Arts we read a short story called "The Lottery". It is about a small village that has a lottery, and the "winner" of the lottery gets to be stoned to death. Nice, right? This week we were told to create a comic using an app (called Pixton) and post it on our blog. (Click on it to enlarge it.)
    My sister was watching me make it, and she was very disturbed and freaking out about the whole thing.
    Most people are born with five senses--sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. I have a sixth sense; I get flashes where I...see the future, for lack of a better way to put it. Anyways, this week we were asked, if we had to lose on of the five normal senses, which would it be? Well, I wouldn't want to be blind, because there are some many beautiful things in this world, and I love drawing. You need to see to draw. I wouldn't want to be deaf, because I am addicted to music. Can't give that up. I don't think I would want to give up taste. I can't imagine not being able to taste brownies, or pizza, or steak.
    For me, it boils down to smell or touch. I love to smell candles, but no sense of smell would really come in handy when using the public restroom. It would be easier to give up because I'm crazy over music, but not so much as the smell of cookies. On the other hand, if I lost my sense of touch, I wouldn't be able to feel any pain, which could be good or bad. I cook about three times a week, and I've burned myself on the pan several times. It would be nice if I couldn't feel that, but if I couldn't feel that, I wouldn't move my finger, then I would permanently damage it! Yep, if I had to choose, I would want to lose my sense of smell. It would be hard, though. It would be hard losing any sense...I hope I never do.
    Why is it that healthy stuff isn't yummy, until it's made yummy by making it unhealthy? Our school promises the lunches are up to date with the latest FDA rules, but let's face lunch has never been good. When lunches are gross to eat, kids eat less. When they eat less, they get malnourished. When they get malnourished, the whole point of making lunches healthy is completely invalidated. I think that schools should be able to make tasty food without worrying about how many calories are in it. The government needs to learn when to keep its big nose out of things. If America wants to get fat and lazy, then that's our choice. The government shouldn't try to make us healthy.
    The school should be able to find a nice compromise between healthy and good to eat. The pizza should be made fresh, with lots of pizza sauce and real cheese. All frozen food needs to be taken out of the system, period. Fresh food is healthier than frozen, anyways. The vegetables should be properly cooked and salted, not raw (who eats raw broccoli??). The same meals shouldn't be given 3-4 times a week (sometimes we have chicken nuggets/fingers four times in a row). With these changes, the lunch would be much more enjoyable.
 This week's blog is safety! Online safety is the security of one's identity and personal information. Online safety nowadays is very important because there are many very messed up people out there who would jump at the chance to steal your identity or come to your house and do weird things.  Below are a couple of links for parents who are interested in improving the safety of the home computer.
Here are some for the teachers.
Here are some tips for the kids reading this.
1. Do not give away real name, or any information that could be used to find you, such as your address or age.
2. Do not share your passwords with anybody (except maybe parents).
3. Do not post anything you would not want your mother to see, whether about yourself or someone else.
4. Do not agree to meet someone in person you've only met online.
5. Do not be too quick to believe someone when they state their age or where they live.
Here is a video about online safety.
Teen safety tips--
    We asked Adam Bellow to donate money so we can go to ISTE, and he did! Mrs. Fields promised him an original poem from a techEteen, and here it is. It is a rhyming free-verse.
To Adam
Thank you, Adam, for your support
For giving us money instead of a snort
Your great app inspired our teacher
And now we're going to ISTE as preachers
Of the wonderful world of tech that we all so love
To inspire potential 'techers' from around the globe.
    If I had to choose a technological advancement that has been made in the world to get rid of, I would choose guns. The first guns invented were not used for hunting, but for killing people. The gun was invented to be a weapon of destruction. No good has come from using a gun. Guns give power to people who otherwise would be powerless. Sometimes people use this power for good, like policeman, but others use it for evil, like the crazy psychopaths who keep shooting up schools.
    The world would be a much better place without guns. Just look at all the turmoil the country is in because of guns. In England, guns are practically as rare as unicorns. Police use sticks to threaten people, and they do just fine. Actually, they are better off than us. Of the yearly murders in our country, 10.2% are killed by guns. Only 0.25% of English deaths are gun-related.
Remember, dearie: All magic comes with a price!
    In the world today, there are many superhero movies. The last few superhero movies to come out were a big hit. Why does this country have such a fascination with superheroes we know don't exist? A recent survey that was conducted reported that we have such a fascination with zombies because we are unhappy. So, is it the same thing with the superheroes?
    Personally, I love the idea of being saved by a muscle-bound flying dreamboat. These times of economic disaster, a possible nuclear war on the horizon, unemployment and obesity, people need a ray of light in the darkness. We need to believe there are good people out there with these almost monthly school shootings and teen murders. When I am old and about to die, I am going to expose myself to gamma radiation. Maybe I'll become that ray of light for the country. Until then, we can only dream (and watch this awesome trailer).
    When someone is innovative, they have new ideas or methods not previously used. Recently in class, we had a kind of mini-lesson where we discussed "crazy": What it means and what makes a person crazy. We were divided into groups, and my group decided that when someone is crazy, they have a different way of looking at the world than others. I think crazy and innovative go hand in hand. Crazy people are innovative, and innovation takes a little bit of craziness.
    I think the Wright brothers were very innovative. In their time, most people looked at a pile of wood and fabric and said, "That's a pile of garbage." Not the Wright brothers. They looked at the pile, then each other, and said, "Let's take that pile, and make something that can fly." Again, you would definitely have to be a little unhinged to think of something like that.
    Podcasting in groups is definitely not something for someone who is shy. Much collaboration is required to get all the parts of the episode tied together.  It is also not something for a lazy person. There is much work required for the different parts of the podcast. You have to research your information, write it into a script, record it, then edit the recording. It takes many days. Even so, I think with more practice, we can finish the episodes faster, and they will be more entertaining.
    Podcasting has become quite popular. When I search for something in iTunes, at least half of the results are podcast episodes. Here is a link to the podcast iTunes page. Perhaps I will make a podcast that will end up on that page.
    What is an agumentative essay in the first place? It is an essay where an argument with the pros--supporting ideas--and cons--opposing ideas--of the topic, and information pertaining to the argument. We were probably asked to blog about this because the quarterly writing assingnment is coming up, and we have to write a...*drumroll*...argumentative essay! An argumentative essay has, instead of a thesis statement, a  and facts that support it.
    If I was told to write an argumentative essay, any topic, I would want to write about the existence of "fairytale" creatures, such as unicorns, dragons, and fairies. I would like to write on this subject because the expected topic would be whether or not marijuana should be legal, abortion, or other commonly debated laws/topics. My subject would be original, and more fun for me to write about. I love fiction and sci-fi, and fairytale creatures were made for me.