What is an agumentative essay in the first place? It is an essay where an argument with the pros--supporting ideas--and cons--opposing ideas--of the topic, and information pertaining to the argument. We were probably asked to blog about this because the quarterly writing assingnment is coming up, and we have to write a...*drumroll*...argumentative essay! An argumentative essay has, instead of a thesis statement, a  and facts that support it.
    If I was told to write an argumentative essay, any topic, I would want to write about the existence of "fairytale" creatures, such as unicorns, dragons, and fairies. I would like to write on this subject because the expected topic would be whether or not marijuana should be legal, abortion, or other commonly debated laws/topics. My subject would be original, and more fun for me to write about. I love fiction and sci-fi, and fairytale creatures were made for me.
3/13/2013 01:09:07 pm

I agree with you about argumentative essays. I think we will have to write an arguementative essay in the next quarterly writing assessment.

3/18/2013 11:38:00 am

I wish we could write about any topic. Although it would be hard to back up your thought that fairy-tale creatures do exist,


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