I am so nervous. The USA has been threatened by Iran that if we don't stop our nuclear program, they will blow us up with their own nuclear weapons. Each country keeps improving their own weapons in response the the other countries actions. One of these days, someone will have to fire. I just hope they don't fire at us first.

         On a happier note, I talked with Ryan today! He actually complimented my hair, and I was super surprised because I only put it up in a ponytail, but he seemed to really like it. I'll have to remember that for the future. Other than him, I am so tired of high school. We get way too much homework! The teacher's are so....urgh! Sometimes I think I want to drop out of school, but Mom and Dad wouldn't be too happy.

          I have to go now, Dylan wants to play catch outside. It really is a beautiful day....I hope the government will decide to stop the nuclear program.

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