This week's blog is safety! Online safety is the security of one's identity and personal information. Online safety nowadays is very important because there are many very messed up people out there who would jump at the chance to steal your identity or come to your house and do weird things.  Below are a couple of links for parents who are interested in improving the safety of the home computer.
Here are some for the teachers.
Here are some tips for the kids reading this.
1. Do not give away real name, or any information that could be used to find you, such as your address or age.
2. Do not share your passwords with anybody (except maybe parents).
3. Do not post anything you would not want your mother to see, whether about yourself or someone else.
4. Do not agree to meet someone in person you've only met online.
5. Do not be too quick to believe someone when they state their age or where they live.
Here is a video about online safety.
Teen safety tips--
5/9/2013 05:43:47

I totally agree with these steps. They are great advice and the links are very helpful.


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