Why is it that healthy stuff isn't yummy, until it's made yummy by making it unhealthy? Our school promises the lunches are up to date with the latest FDA rules, but let's face it...school lunch has never been good. When lunches are gross to eat, kids eat less. When they eat less, they get malnourished. When they get malnourished, the whole point of making lunches healthy is completely invalidated. I think that schools should be able to make tasty food without worrying about how many calories are in it. The government needs to learn when to keep its big nose out of things. If America wants to get fat and lazy, then that's our choice. The government shouldn't try to make us healthy.
    The school should be able to find a nice compromise between healthy and good to eat. The pizza should be made fresh, with lots of pizza sauce and real cheese. All frozen food needs to be taken out of the system, period. Fresh food is healthier than frozen, anyways. The vegetables should be properly cooked and salted, not raw (who eats raw broccoli??). The same meals shouldn't be given 3-4 times a week (sometimes we have chicken nuggets/fingers four times in a row). With these changes, the lunch would be much more enjoyable.
5/7/2013 11:21:55 am

That video was so funny! You are right that school lunches are repeated a lot and it begins to all taste the same. Nobody looks forward to the pizzas at school or the cheese crisps. The cafeteria needs to spend more time preparing our food to make it taste good and still be nutritious. For example, today at lunch I took a bite out of my roll and it tasted like I was eating raw dough. It was gross.


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