In the world today, there are many superhero movies. The last few superhero movies to come out were a big hit. Why does this country have such a fascination with superheroes we know don't exist? A recent survey that was conducted reported that we have such a fascination with zombies because we are unhappy. So, is it the same thing with the superheroes?
    Personally, I love the idea of being saved by a muscle-bound flying dreamboat. These times of economic disaster, a possible nuclear war on the horizon, unemployment and obesity, people need a ray of light in the darkness. We need to believe there are good people out there with these almost monthly school shootings and teen murders. When I am old and about to die, I am going to expose myself to gamma radiation. Maybe I'll become that ray of light for the country. Until then, we can only dream (and watch this awesome trailer).
4/10/2013 01:55:56 pm

Erin, your blog makes me laugh. I agree, I would love to be saved by a superhero, especially Captain America or Thor. It would be really cool if superheros were real. The world would be perfect.

4/17/2013 11:55:21 am

Erin, I have no idea what runs through your mind. In this case though, I believe you are right. I'm fascinated by superheros and I think it would be awesome if they exsisted. Sadly, superheros would need a reason to exsist, which means supervillains would exsist, but that would be kind of awesome, too.


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