If I had to choose a technological advancement that has been made in the world to get rid of, I would choose guns. The first guns invented were not used for hunting, but for killing people. The gun was invented to be a weapon of destruction. No good has come from using a gun. Guns give power to people who otherwise would be powerless. Sometimes people use this power for good, like policeman, but others use it for evil, like the crazy psychopaths who keep shooting up schools.
    The world would be a much better place without guns. Just look at all the turmoil the country is in because of guns. In England, guns are practically as rare as unicorns. Police use sticks to threaten people, and they do just fine. Actually, they are better off than us. Of the yearly murders in our country, 10.2% are killed by guns. Only 0.25% of English deaths are gun-related.
Remember, dearie: All magic comes with a price!
4/23/2013 05:46:20 am

While I do agree that firearms are used for hurting people and that they were invented to make a more efficient way of doing just that, guns are an advanced version of the spear and bow-and-arrow.
Both of these were used equally for killing animals and people. We don't need guns; even for hunting and hurting others. They are simply to make these tasks easier.


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